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Will you be one of the many people waiting for Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve? Everyone knows that Santa visits the entire world in just one night and he brings toys and gifts to all the world, spreading the joy of Christmas wherever he goes. These days, you can use a Santa tracker online to find out where he is and when he will arrive in your city.

As a kid, I knew that unless I was sleeping Santa wouldn’t get to my house. Since the entered through the house’s chimney, we left milk and cookies for the reindeer and for Santa. When morning came, we knew that Santa was there as soon as we saw that the cookies and the milk were gone.

Even though we don’t know exactly how Santa can visit all the homes of the world in just one night, scientists have been able to map his progress across the world, even though they aren’t able to keep up with all the fast traveling. Because there are radars all across the US, you can use a Santa tracker online to find out where he is and when he leaves from the North Pole on his yearly journey.

NORAD (the Aerospace Defense Command of North America) is the one that gives us information on the journey of Santa. They have been tracking his movements since 1955 and online they showed people Santa’s position since 1998.

The site of NORAD says that this tradition began by accident, as a newspaper misprinted an ad. The misspelled number in the ad made kids call NORAD instead of the local store, and the operators told the kids where Santa was located with the help of their radar. Since the, each year, volunteers and staff watch for Santa’s ride and let people know where he is.