santa_letter_sample4 One of the joys of childhood is knowing that when Christmas comes, Santa Claus will arrive on your house’s roof, with a sleigh and a reindeer, and he will come down the chimney, with gifts that he will leave under your tree.

Adults seem to taint the idea of Christmas and the joys of childhood with the idea that you should behave well if you want Santa Claus to visit you. That’s why many kids aren’t that sure anymore that Santa Claus will visit them, so they need a reassurance that they will receive gifts.

One thing that many kids will appreciate is getting a short letter right before Christmas, with the sender being Santa Claus. That letter should let them know that they will receive the visit of Santa on Christmas Eve. This should make your kid feel great and look forward to the visit and the gifts.

One of the best feelings can be had when you watch your kid’s face light up, as he finds out that Santa will be coming by with gifts, even if he was a bit naughty during the year.

I’m sure that in the end you will enjoy the milk glass and the plate full of cookies that your kid will leave out for Santa to eat before he goes visit the next kid. If he gets a letter from Santa, your kid will be much more enthusiastic about the preparations that need to be done before Santa arrives.

Making sure that your kid gets a Santa Claus letter isn’t that hard. Tolkien, the author of the books on Lord of The Rings did the same thing with his kids, making sure that a letter written by him arrived at the house, so his kids could read it and believe it was from Santa.