kids-costume-santa In many cases, when people have kids, one of the main worries is that they don’t know if they should let them know that Santa Claus exists. It might seem silly, but people are worried about how kids will react when they find out that Santa is just a nice tale.

As you think about the story of Santa for a bit, you might come to the conclusion that you can make sure that both the enjoyment and the myth can be kept, while you don’t have to worry as much about the lie part.

If you think back, everyone had the Santa story, everyone believed, but we don’t hold it against the parents for telling it to us. It was magical and it made Christmas so much better, so it’s something worth going through. Even the lie about the fact that Santa was watching and he would give kids coal if they were bad, it wasn’t that bad.

More then that, the story of Santa is all around us, so you can’t avoid telling it to kids, as you see it everywhere, from malls to the TV. Telling a kid the truth when he is too young might mean that he will spoil the fun for other kids as well. That’s why you should tell your kids the story of Santa Claus and make sure he enjoys it as much as you did when you were a kid.

Remember how fun it was when you believed in Santa, and how you wrote letters, sat on his lap, took pictures with him, left cookies and milk and so on. The experience that Santa brings is something that all kids should have and enjoy. These are nice memories to have when you grow up and you will not regret telling them to your kid.